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EA Personnel Card

EA Personnel Card - Davis Materialworks
EA Personnel Card - Davis Materialworks
EA Personnel Card - Sharp Corners - Davis Materialworks
EA Personnel Card - Round Corners - Davis Materialworks
Enhance your EA Personnel Card with s͛Card
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EA Personnel Card - Davis Materialworks
EA Personnel Card - Davis Materialworks
EA Personnel Card - Sharp Corners - Davis Materialworks
EA Personnel Card - Round Corners - Davis Materialworks
Enhance your EA Personnel Card with s͛Card
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Product Highlights:

  1. Professional Identification: The EA Personnel Card is a professional identification for licensed employment agents. It ensures that you deal with an authorised agent with a valid license to recruit people or help them find jobs.

  2. Legal Compliance: Displaying the EA Personnel Card is a legal requirement for all employment agents. This ensures that all operations are in accordance with the law, promoting trust and security in job seekers and employers.

  3. Quality Assurance: The card signifies that the holder has met all the qualifications and professional standards set by the government or the professional regulatory body. This ensures a high level of service and competency.

  4. Anti-Fraud Measure: The EA Personnel Card is a preventive measure against recruitment fraud. It helps to verify the agent's authenticity, reducing the chances of scams or unprofessional behaviour.

  5. Promotes Transparency: It promotes transparency in the job market by providing an easy way for job seekers and employers to verify the legitimacy of an employment agency.

  6. Easily Verifiable: The information on the card is easily verifiable with the respective licensing body, adding another layer of assurance for job seekers and employers.

  7. Proof of Professionalism: The card demonstrates the commitment of the employment agent to uphold professional ethics and standards, instilling confidence in job seekers and employers.

  8. Continuous Professional Development: The EA Personnel Card also indicates that the agent is committed to ongoing professional development, as it is updated regularly upon renewal, ensuring that they stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices.



  • If you use TP Card, it cannot be embedded with chips or magnetic stripes. But it can be used for visible (print) security like QR codes, barcodes, Serial Numbers, etc.
  • Plastic PVC cards come in many settings, like blank cards, NFC embedded, RFID embedded, and ID embedded. The MOQ is usually 100 pieces above. 



  • Material: TP Card and Plastic PVC Card.
  • Size available: 85mm x 54mm.
  • Colour: Full colour, double-sided print with lamination.

TP Card

  • Optional finishing: Round Corners / Hole Punching for lanyard / Serial numbering / Code printing.

Plastic PVC Card

  • Optional finishing: Hole Punching for lanyard (blank card only) / Serial numbering / Code printing / Foil Stamping.


PVC Smart Card (NFC Tag embedded) + s͛Card Digital Business Card

Implementing the s͛Card enhancement to the existing/traditional EA Personnel Card could revolutionise how we perceive professional licensing in the employment sector. This enhancement is not just a simple digital business card or webpage but an advanced, dynamic, and secure platform designed to boost trust, transparency, and adaptability in the ever-evolving job market.

Fraud and Impersonation Prevention: One of the prime features of the s͛Card is its robust security protocols and capabilities to prevent fraud or impersonation. This would significantly raise the level of trust in the EA Personnel Card, ensuring that job seekers and employers can rely on the authenticity of the agent holding the card. It creates a secure environment in the recruitment sector, reducing the chances of fraudulent activities and unprofessional behaviour.

Adaptability and Flexibility: The s͛Card's dynamic nature allows for the fast-paced change of contact information, keeping up with the fluid nature of the employment sector. This feature allows for quick and easy updates at any time, ensuring that the information on the EA Personnel Card is always up-to-date and accurate. This adaptability not only ensures seamless communication but also reflects the professional growth and development of the employment agent.

Corporate Level Applications: The application of s͛Card is not limited to personal use. It has the potential to be implemented at a corporate level, establishing a unified, trustworthy, and dynamic system for all agents under a single agency or even across multiple agencies. This could improve industry standards and foster greater integrity and professionalism.

In summary, the s͛Card enhancement for the EA Personnel Card provides a promising avenue for digital transformation in the employment sector. It combines stringent security measures, adaptability, and scalability to deliver a solution that not only enhances the individual agent's credibility but also contributes to improving the overall standards of the recruitment industry.

If you want to know more about s͛Card, please visit www.s͛


>> When you order our EA Personnel Card, we will provide a digital visual (artwork) mock-up preview before processing it for printing. (Click here to learn more)


Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices quoted are NETT, prices with No additional GST.
  • Price inclusive of artwork mock-up and production 
  • Price exclusive of delivery and design 
  • FOC delivery and a discounted rate for bulk orders only.
  • Lead time of 2 to 3 working days for TP Cards. 7 to 14 working days for PVC Cards upon artwork confirmation


To Order

  • Please click "Order Now" to indicate your order with the table or required cloth size and the quantity in the message box.

Discover the enhanced EA Personnel Card from Davis Materialworks, now powered by advanced s͛Card technology. This innovative solution transforms a conventional professional license into a secure, adaptable, and dynamic digital platform tailored to the rapid pace of today's employment sector.


Why Choose Davis Materialworks?

Davis Materialworks is committed to merging tradition with technology. Our s͛Card-enabled EA Personnel Cards extend beyond the scope of standard digital business cards. They symbolise a forward leap in professional licensing, integrating top-notch security features, easy updates, and seamless adaptability to the changing tides of the industry.


Our dedication to innovation and excellence sets us apart from our competition. Our EA Personnel Card, bolstered with the s͛Card enhancement, is designed to grant you a competitive advantage in the market. Make a distinctive impression with our card, showcasing your professional accreditation and dedication to staying abreast of technological advancements.


The Power of s͛Card Technology

Our unique s͛Card technology is a formidable asset in professional identification. Its capabilities extend to fraud and impersonation prevention, ensuring the secure representation of your professional identity. With its dynamic nature, quick updates reflecting fast-paced changes in contact information and industry trends are possible.


Moreover, the scalability of s͛Card technology enables its implementation at the corporate level, cultivating trust, integrity, and professionalism across an entire agency or multiple agencies.


Unlock the potential of Davis Materialworks' enhanced EA Personnel Card and maximise your technological utilisation in the job market. Be a part of the future of professional licensing and outpace your competition with our industry-leading s͛Card technology. It's not just about keeping up with changes; it's about setting the pace.


Choose Davis Materialworks' EA Personnel Card today and enter a world of professional distinction and technological supremacy that genuinely sets you apart.

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Yes, we do.

We do have cards that enable these three functions, such as Identity cards (visually), business cards (visually and digitally), and door access cards (Key) (NFC / EM / ID / RFID).

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