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Signage Installer




Full-Time / Part-Time / Freelance

Job Detail

We are looking for Signage Installer. We prefer a Freelance & Part-time for a start, and if you can do this well, we will consider you a Full-Time.

Job Scope

  • The type of signs you need to install like office door signs, office main signage, building lobby directory signs and etc. You will need to know how to drill various types of walls like solid or partition walls.
  • The type of stickers you need to install like stickers/films on glass (graphic sticker, frosted sticker, solar film), stickers on the wall (solid wall and partition wall), stickers on hoarding panels, stickers wrapping on furniture and stickers on the lightbox.
  • Visit the site to do the measuring and take pictures of the sign and position based on the brief of the customer.
  • Removal of existing installed signs or stickers before installing and minor touch-up work like patching walls or painting.

Salary Range

$1800 - $2400


Min. 2 years in the signage & installation-related industry.

  • Understanding and knowing how to use tools and applications for installation work. 
  • Understanding and knowing how to install various types of signage is a bonus.
  • Understand and know the safety of preparation and operation for this industry.
  • Speaks, reads and understands English & Mandarin well. 
  • Obtaining a Class 2b or Class-3 driving licence is a bonus.
  • Obtaining WAH , FPP or any related certificate is a bonus.


  • This is only open to Singaporeans or Singapore PRs only.