What exhibition detail is needed?

What exhibition detail is needed?

To get a faster response from us, we will need you to provide us these 3 sets of information so we can have a better understanding of your show / event / exhibition.

We also need your understanding that cost response will not be immediate nor 1 or 2 days. Cost quoted are normally estimated costing because it still depend on the final confirmation of the design, materials used and last minute additional added items or request. Please take note that the information have to be clear and straight forward.

First set of information:

- Your company name and information like address and contact details.
- Person in-charge of this show / event / exhibition.
- Name of the show / event / exhibition.
- Date of the show / event / exhibition.
- Number of days for this show / event / exhibition.
- A confirm size or area of your booth.
- Layout plan of the show / event / exhibition with your booth location marked or number indicated.

Second set of information:

- A creative and direction brief about this show / event / exhibition.

1. Creative brief as in an idea of what you want your booth to look like. A description with some photos would be good.

2. Direction brief as in what you are expecting for this exhibit and how you want it to be in business point of view. Also what you plan to sell or show on this exhibit.

- Item or product you need that found on our website or elsewhere.

Third information:

- Budget, that you are willing or planning to spend on this setup. Without having a budget in mind we encounter issues or re-propose if we do not know the limits and the possibility to set-up what you had in mind.

Updated on 8th August 2015

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