Submit artwork for Corporate ID Card

Submit artwork for Corporate ID Card

For Corporate ID Pass For EA Personnel Registration Card and Estate Agent Cards, you do not have to submit artwork to use to print. All you need is to provide us, the detail, your logo image and your recent photo for the card.

For EA Personnel Registration Card detail to submit:

Company Name:
Registration No.:
EA Licence No.

You can refer to the following website:
MOM : Ministry Of Manpower Employer Agent Personnel Registration Card Guidelines.
Link: MOM Website

- - -

For CEA Estate Agent Card detail to submit:

Company Name:
Agency Licence No.:
CEA Registration No.
Expiry Date:

You can refer to the following website:
CEA : Council for Estate Agencies Estate Agent Card Guidelines.
Link: CEA Website

- - -

For others type of cards, you can submit your own artwork/design using the guidelines below or commission us to design for you.

Important Note: Before sending us the final artwork for production, you need to check the following steps are completed.

1. Outline or path all fonts or typefaces in the file so our production team will have no font issue accessing your file.

2. Embed all linked images in the final artwork file, if the image is too big to embed you are required to package the linked images with the final artwork file together when you are sending it to us.

3. Remember to change the colour to the type of job that has confirmed. If is a 4 colours print job you are require to change any solid colour or pantone color to 4 colours (CMYK).

4. Indicating of the crop marks and bleed marks must be clear. Bleed marks are commonly 3mm to 6mm all sides / edges.

5. Indicating the die-cut line clearly if job requires die-cut. Die-cut line is require to be created on a new top layer in the artwork with 100% magenta colour. Die-cut must be require with Adobe Illustrator only because our machine only recognise file created by illustrator.



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