SI Template Demo : FAQ

SI Template Demo : FAQ

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The Frequently Ask Questions may be a big list to read, so at any point of time if you want to fasten up the process by only reading up the things you need, you can alway use (Control + F) or (Command + F) to use keywords to search the page.

Q: How long does it take for the website to up and running after I made my order?
A: For lead-time, we will need to see the type of website you need to construct, the material you provide and work schedule we are currently having. It can take weeks or by months but for a simple website with minimal changes, 2 to 3 weeks should not be a problem. This is also the faster route to get a website done up because you get to experience how the website looks and functions like before committing to it.

Q: How much does the template cost and do I get a live working website?
A: We are not able to give you a flat rate cost at the moment as there are a lot of consideration like add-on functions, add-on pages, hosting, graphic designs, sourcing of images etc. You can’t but a website off the shelve so after ordering the template that suits your business or company, we will need to discuss the detail of changes and add-on.

Q: Can we claim PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme) with your order or is our solutions legible for PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme).
A: First of all, we do not do claiming for you as we are not an accounting firm, what we can provide is an official invoice after you have confirmed the order. Most importantly, you should be thinking about whether our solutions can help you increase your productivity or giving you an upper hand against your competitors than the claims.

If you would like to know more about PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme) you can visit IRAS website There are details of what can be claimed and there is list of consultants to assist you in this area.
Q: Is the website responsive?
A: Yes, most of the website templates are responsive. You can try the template on your Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Smart Phone before ordering.

Q: What is the different on ordering the template from Supercharge Interactive / Davis Materialworks than another website source?
A: The difference is that if you are not planning to get our solution or services on the template you had ordered or purchased. If you are going to get our solution or services on the template, if would be better to get the template from us as it's easy for us to operate which will save time and additional cost.

Q: Somewhere or someone else is cheaper than Supercharge Interactive / Davis Materialworks.
A: As you have not established trust in us at the time you mention this or thought of this but for most of our customer come to us to solve their problems created by their vendor/contractors or vendor/contractors took the job and disappeared.

Q: What do I need to do after the website is live.
A: All you need to do is to Maintain, Renew, Monitor and Upgrade.
Maintain & Renew = Maintain crowd, Recreate crowd (Marketing Solutions)
Monitor & Upgrade = Watch for growth, Prepare for growth (Maintenance Solutions)
Q: What can I maintain on my live website.
A: All website requires maintenance but how often or how many times or how in-depth is depend on what is your requirement, usage and plans for your website.
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If you cannot fund the question you had in mind, you can also contact us via our email form by click here.
FAQ is updated on May 2018
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