Recycling Program

Recycling Program

DMW Recycling Program is a green initiative we would like to do for the future (Corporate Social Responsibility). Doing this alone might not be effective, so we will create workable solutions for people who we work with or people who wants to work with to us that shares the same values and responsibilities on we are doing.

Our list of green initiatives;


Business cards boxes

In Jan 2015, we will be introduce paper boxes for all our business cards project in additional we will also run a recycling program that if our client return our paper box in good condition we will do a SGD$1.00 deduction on their next business card printing job.

(Each box ordered to print will get SGD$1.00 deduction when you return our recycle business card box*.)

Davis Materialworks business card packaging box

Example / Scenario:

1. Order 5 boxes of business card, return of 5 DMW recycle business card boxes, we will deduct $5 of your total bill.

2. Order 5 boxes of business card, return of 3 DMW recycle business card boxes, we will deduct $3 of your total bill.

3. Order 5 boxes of business card, return of more than 5 DMW recycle business card boxes, we will only deduct $5 of your total bill. We don't mind if you want to return usable boxes without deduction or refunds.

 - The purpose of this initiative is reduce creating waste and to make recycle more meaningful.
 - The damage / crumple / torn / damp boxes will not be issued as a discount or offset your total bill.

The purposes of changing & recycling;

  1. - reduce the number of plastic waste.
  2. - reduce the increase of plastic introduce to the public.
  3. - turning non-useful item (case) into a useful, motivated and beneficial items.
  4. - increase the interest of public on recycle while doing businesses.

Heres some alternative solutions for non-exchangeable or bad condition boxes;
  1. - open up the box and use it for sketches or notes.
  2. - re-wrap the box with wrapping paper or duct tape so it can be re-use.
  3. - drop it into any paper recycle bin and not the normal bin.
  4. - make create craft / art for children to play.

There will be more to come in the future. If you have any more idea or solution that you would like to share please email it to us using our contact page with the subject “DMW Recycling Program” we would like to hear more from you.


Updated on October 2018.

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