Online colour tools

Online colour tools

Colors requires number or code to define so these tools will assist you to get the color code you need for any web / screen and print media.

- Adobe Color via Adobe
Create color schemes with the color wheel or browse thousands of color combinations from the Adobe Color community.

Adobe Color is a great tools for Screen colour (RGB) and Print (CMYK).

- Color Wheel via Colors on the web
Spin the color wheel and get a selection of three random colors. The color wheel randomizes among some 16 million colors. And since each spin produces three different colors, that gives endless combinations. (or 2 to the power of 70 or so, which is a very large number).

- Color Wizard via Colors on the web
The color wizard lets you submit your own base color, and it automatically returns matching colors for the one you selected.

It returns a set of hue, saturation and tint/shade variations of your color, as well as suggests color schemes to you, based on your color's complementary color, split complementary colors, analogous colors and other variations. The color wizard also has a randomize function that lets you generate color schemes you might not have thought of on your own.

- Color Contrast Analyzer via Colors on the web
This Color Contrast Analyzer is a tool to help you identify good color combinations from an accessibility standpoint. The color visibility in this tool is calculated based on suggested algorithms from the World Wide Web Consortium (w3)

The Color Contrast Analyzer will calculate the visibility based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines as recommended by the w3. There are two versions of the guidelines, version 1.0 which was presented in 1999, and Version 2.0 which is still a working draft.

- Colorion
Allow you to choose color using Basic Color Range / Popular Colors / Palettes (combine color chart). Please take note that they are only providing Hex code for their color you will need to convert the colors if you are using other color mode like CMYK or RGB or Pantone. After convertion the colors might be different.

- Rgb to
This allows you to change RGB colour to HEX or RAL colours.

RAL is used for information defining standard colours for paint and coatings and is the most popular Central European Colour Standard used today. The RAL Colours are used in architecture, construction, industry and road safety (traffic signals, for instance). RAL Classic System is mainly used for varnish and powder coating but nowadays there are reference panels for plastics and other materials as well.

- Colorwise
Find the best colour through the most voted products on Product Hunt. Mostly grouped up colours / swatches so you can use it as an guide or idea for your project.

Note: we will not be responsible if there is any error on with the application we have listed to get perfect colour on different media (print or web or screen) we suggest you engage professional like us to assist you.

Updated on Jan 2018

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