General Information about Stock Images

General Information about Stock Images

These are the general information about stock images or stock photos. We will cover the type of licenses and links to many stock images site also we will recommend those we use. We also include music and other stock or template ready material for projects and campaign.

Types of Stock Photo Licenses
When you use stock photos, there are several types of licenses you need to be aware of Royalty Free, Rights Managed, and Extended Licenses. Royalty Free is the most common and affordable, Rights Managed offers exclusivity, and extended provides extra permissible uses.

Royalty Free
The most popular, and most affordable license type for stock photos is Royalty Free (or RF). Royalty Free means you can use the image multiple times, without paying a royalty. This is the best choice for budget-minded designers and marketers. The downside of Royalty Free is that RF images are non-exclusive, meaning anyone can purchase and use them as in you will see the image repeatedly appearing on different ads, place or sites. Royalty Free images have the most lenient permissible uses for both commercial and personal projects. Some Royalty Free does give a limit of est. 25000 per use and you can’t resell or use the image as an template (all these have to check the terms and condition of purchasing of the image) (Please see Extended or Enhanced License).

Rights Managed
A Rights Managed (or RM) license gives exclusive, time-limited use of a stock image. Exclusive use means that only the licensee can use the image for the period specified in the license contract. RM licenses are granted on a pay-per-use basis, meaning the stock image can only be used for one particular project, only for a set period of time, and often only in certain geographical areas. Rights Managed images are expensive to license, but they offer protection against brand dilution (due to competitors using the same image) and allow for larger print runs.

Extended / Enhanced licenses
Some stock photo companies allow you to purchase an Extended or Enhanced License that extends the permitted uses of a previously licensed work (usually royalty free). Extended Licenses give you permission to "extend" upon the uses granted in the original license. These uses may include increasing the number of copies showing the image, use it for resale purposes (print-on-demand, calendars, t-shirts, greeting cards, etc), or allow for other methods of distribution and use. Uses vary from company to company, so be sure to read the licensing agreement in detail.

(content is edited and the original source is from Stock Photo Guides)

Recommended Stock Images Provider

For Stockphoto:
- For Graphics:

For Website Theme:
- For Website Coding or Plugin:

For Video Effects:
- For Audio Effects:

For Flash Effects or Plugin:
For 3D Element and Plugin:

- Dreamtime:

Alternative Stock Images Provider

- Corbiz:
- Gettyimages:
- StockPodium:
- Alamy:
- 123RF:
- BigStock:
- EveryStockPhoto:
- Stock.xchng:
- Stockvault:
- FreeRange:
- Freedigitalphotos:
- StockFreeImage:
- RGBStock:
- Morguefile:
- Deposit Photos:
- CanStockPhoto:
- Fotolia is now Adobe Stock:
- FotoSearch:
- izmostock:
- Colourbox:
- Stockfresh:
- Masterfile:
- MediaFocus:
- Business Images:
- Pixmac is now Pond5:
- Go Graph:
- Clip Art Illustration:

Video | Motion | Music | Sound

- Videoblocks:

Some sites that is listed on this page might have free or cheap images but use it at your own risk.

Updated on December 2019

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