Email spamming solution

Email spamming solution

We have been receiving more and more spam emails from various sources and whenever we try to unsubscribe or do the do not send me thing it just add on more and more spam mails.

This is because,

1. You are telling them this is an active email which it helps them to refresh their database.
2. They simply don't really care to remove you but to sell your information to whoever wants to spam because your information earn them money.

What to do when you are spammed?

Don't reply or unsubscribe.
- Don't let them know if your email address is active, so replying or unsubscribing is a NO. Because responding will only allow them to know that this email account is an active account and you will be reading what they are sending you (That is what you are paid to do).

You need to take some action than leaving it there. - Deleting or Leaving the spam mail in your mailbox is also not a good idea because they will keep spamming it until you delete your email account (only deleted email account will create a bounce reply which this is not a good reason to the client of theirs because its money after all).

Alternative solution:
- Advertiser wants is money well spend and the lower spending the better the solution. So our objective is to make them spend more by adding barrels for email solution provider or resellers or advertisers (the DIY type of advertiser).

We will collect and share spammer Email addresses / Sender domain / Sender IP Addresses to be place on all our server blacklist filters by doing this all blacklisted email will be a wasting their money and effort pushing mails to your junk folder or worst it will be banned by their hosting company. If they are using other big email champaign service provider that serve hundreds and thousands of clients it will effect all their clients mails. These chain reaction will cost more money, effort and professional to deal with so they will be extra careful to the unsubscribe list. If they are using general mail like Gmail / Yahoo / Hotmail, they will have more steps every time they want to start a spamming campaign and we will be sure that these general email company will keep an eye on these people.

Step 1. All of us have to use the same blacklist in order to make this effective. Also we have to work together to stop spamming because doing this alone will not be so effective.

Step 2. Then we will be sending these blacklist Address / IP to Barracuda Network & other Web Spam Networks.

Please allow us to have some time to teach you steps to add the spammers' Email addresses / Sender domain / Sender IP Addresses to your blacklist filter.

To be update soon.

These are some Email addresses / Sender domain / Sender IP Addresses we have collected.
Download our email spam list.

You can contact us via this PAGE if you have and spam information. Or if your email are listed on our blacklist and are not a spammer, please write an acceptable explanation for removal. Last updated on 8th August 2015

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