What is etching?

What is etching?

Metal etching it is a kind of engraving but it doesn’t require a machine to engrave. It uses chemical solution to dissolve the exposed area of the metal.

There are total of 4 steps to complete an etching work.

1. Our Graphic Department will have to create an artwork drawing and production files for the etching area. - Create a drawing is for everyone to understand the content and size.

2. After the artwork approval from client, we will proceed to Silkscreen Department to screen off the non exposed area with a thin coat of wax because we need the content to be exposed to the chemical solution.

3. After the wax has dried up, we will dip the metal into the chemical solution machine for a few hours. We will have to observe every 20mins to check if the chemical solution is working on the exposed area.

4. After the etching has complete we will see a fine debossed on the content, if not we will go back to 3 step (for another few hours). Once completed, the final product will be send for cleaning and colouring. After cleaning and colouring we might or might not apply a layer of fluid to protect the paint because this depend on the client request.


Updated on 8th August 2015

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