Type of Spacer

Type of Spacer

Spacers are commonly used for mounting office signage, table and wall displays (poster frame, perspex frame and etc). Spacers came in many sizes and there are 2 types chrome plated (Chrome / Reflective) or stainless steel (Matte / Hairline).

For Signages

Raise Away / Protruding Type

Matte / Hairline : 12 mm Dia x 23mm (L)
(Hole 8mm Dia)

Matte / Hairline : 16mm Dia x 32mm (L)
(Hole 10mm Dia)

Matte / Hairline : 19mm Dia. x 25mm (L)
(Hole 10mm Dia)

Chrome / Reflective : 19mm Dia. x 32mm (L)
(Hole 10mm Dia)

Chrome / Reflective : 25mm Dia. x 43mm (L)
(Hole 10mm Dia)

Square Matte / Hairline : 12mm x 12mm x 25.5mm (L)
(Hole 7.8mm Dia)

Square Matte / Hairline : 19mm x 19mm x 26mm (L)
(Hole 10mm Dia)

For Signages

Flat Type

Chrome / Reflective : 12mm Dia x 5mm (L)

Chrome / Reflective : 19mm Dia x 5mm (L)

For Table and Wall Displays
To hold photograph or certificate. (do not require to drilling)

Chrome / Reflective : 8mm Dia x 20mm (L)
(Hole 5mm Dia)

Chrome / Reflective : 8mm Dia x 85mm (L)
(Hole 5mm Dia)

Note: We don’t sell individually but it is provided with purchased of our visual material product that requires spacers or installation of office signage. Shall you require to purchase or replace do contact us via email or call.


Updated on 12th May 2016

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